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    i feel like a timeline split happened sometime in the 90s centering around the success of failure of minidisc as a technology. in this universe we have shitty itunes wireless syncing and dropbox government spy tools or some command line garbage for beardlords, and the other universe is riding around on rollerblades trading data with sweet cartridges that make satisfying noises when you plug them into your humongous computer terminal

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  6. pseudomorrow said: I am a node of server/ Born of flesh and blood, but enhanced by the power of Its web/ I have no use for pain or fear/ My scripts are a focus of my will/ My strength is my knowledge/ My weapons are my skills/ Information is the blood of my body/ I am part of the greater network/ I am host to the vast data of Server/ My flesh is weak, but my connection is eternal/ And therefore, I am a god.

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    helpful links for some tumblr folks:



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